Early Action Projects for the 710 Freeway

Statement by  Los Angeles County Supervisor and Metro Board Member Mark Ridley-Thomas

“As a member of the Metro Board, representing a district adjacent to portions of the 710 Freeway and many constituents who use it every day, it’s clear that we need immediate relief along this corridor. It’s one of our most antiquated freeways and the freight traffic on it has unquestionably affected air quality and safety in the surrounding communities.

“I am driven by the opportunity to transparently, thoughtfully and immediately proceed with available resources to complete ‘early action’ projects on the 710 Freeway that would address priority safety needs while also improving functionality. Afterwards, the Metro Board can do a reassessment.

“In many ways, Metro has become an ‘instigator for innovation’ throughout the region. That is the case here, as we are compelled to coordinate not just a policy but also a financing agenda to facilitate the transition of freight infrastructure towards zero-emission technology.

“We have our work cut out for us in facilitating meaningful and much needed improvements to this corridor, but I am pleased that we are inching closer to providing that long-awaited relief.”