Preschool Teacher of the Year nomination ends today

Early childhood education is vitally important to the maturation and development of all children and has a positive impact on the learning and long-term life outcomes of children. Preschool teachers lay the foundation and provide children with the social, emotional, and cognitive skills that they will need in order to be successfully transition into kindergarten and be successful in the later grades. Research has demonstrated that children who receive a high-quality early education are more likely to have a better quality of life than those who do not.

Since 2008, Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP), has sponsored the Preschool Teacher of the Year Awards to recognize the contributions of preschool teachers in Los Angeles County. The award is given to five outstanding preschool educators (one from each supervisorial district).

Do you know a preschool teacher from the Second District who goes above and beyond to teach students? If so, nominate them for this award. The deadline for applications is November, 18, 2011. Applications can be obtained at