Message from MRT – November 6, 2012

[fancy_box]Welcome to the November issue of the Second District Newsletter. This month we delve into a broad range of health, public safety, and energy and arts issues, including actions taken by the Board of Supervisors to promote reform in the County’s jails, and an update on a new study on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Last month we kicked off a street naming contest for the road leading to the new Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital, and received dozens of your suggestions. I enjoyed reading them all. I’ve narrowed down the list to some of my favorites, but the final choice is up to you. Voting starts today and the top vote getter will have its name on the new street. Lastly, I want to take a moment to encourage you to vote today. November 6, of course, is Election Day, and together we will chart the course for both the state of California and the nation. In addition to a historic presidential race, there are many, many important ballot questions to be decided. But no matter what your political persuasion or party, I encourage you to get up, get out and go vote. This is the exercise that keeps our democracy strong and makes our nation great. Thank you for your attention, and as I won’t see many of you until December, let me take this opportunity to will you and yours a safe and happy Thanksgiving. [/fancy_box]