Message from MRT, September 2014

This month, we have opened the doors to the new Mental Health Urgent Care Center on the MLK Campus in Willowbrook. Individuals who have a mental illness and are detained by police, may be brought to the Center for evaluation, stabilization and diversion into treatment programs. These services go a long way toward saving taxpayer dollars and effectively keeping people out of jail.

On the subject of providing support and treatment for people who might otherwise fall through the holes of our social safety net, the newly built Terracina Apartments offer affordable housing in Athens complete with mental health services and financial, social and educational services. Also delivering affordable housing, Jefferson Park Terrace on a 35,375 sq ft lot recently opened on South Western Ave and West Jefferson Blvd.

Affordable services do not stop with housing, but extend to free health care for all with the Care Harbor LA free clinic returning to the Los Angeles Sports Arena on September 11 – 14. Wristbands will be distributed on Sunday, September 7th. Gates open at 7 a.m. Distribution of wristbands begins at 9 a.m. Be sure to arrive early.

Well, it is our job to protect our most vulnerable children. And few fit that category more than the children who are being bought and sold on the streets of L.A. County for sex. Los Angeles County is moving forward to strengthen the safety net for children who have been victims of sex trafficking.

Lastly, we continue to deliver job support at our new Lennox Library and Constituent Service Center with a bimonthly job search workshop called Job Club. The workshop aims to help those who are underemployed, unemployed or starting in a new career by offering resources and employer referrals as well as job training opportunities. Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to seeing you again in October.

With hope,