Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation Announces Parks After Dark Program Extended Summer Hours and Programming at Three L.A. County Parks

The Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation has begun its Parks After Dark (PAD) program at three Los Angeles County parks. PAD will offer surrounding communities and youth extended park hours and activities and will be implemented at three County parks: Ted Watkins Park and Franklin Roosevelt Park in the Florence Firestone area; and Pamela Park in unincorporated Duarte.

Extended park hours will take place Wednesdays to Saturdays through September 4, 2010. Additional programming and activities for all community residents will include sports activities, cultural and educational activities, musical concerts in the parks, movies in the parks, employment opportunities for local youth and resource fairs.

PAD will provide youth with productive activities to decrease the likelihood of participation in at-risk behavior, including gang activity and is a component of the County’s Gang Initiative intended to reduce gangs and gang violence. The goal of PAD is to strengthen individuals in communities and influence them to see their communities and neighbors in a better light.

For a complete listing of hours and activities that will be available at each location, visit the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation website at: http://parks.lacounty.gov