Lennox Residents Input Needed on Park Plans

Lennox residents are encouraged to share their ideas for where they want to see walking trails, parks and community gardens at a community meeting Tuesday, July 9. The meeting, scheduled from 6:00 to 8:00pm, will be held at Lennox Park Community Room on Condon Avenue.

Lennox is only one of several communities, including Willowbrook and East Rancho Dominguez, in the Second District where residents and planners are helping to develop a master plan for what green spaces can be built. The community forum is one of several events where a plan will be developed for Lennox and it is sponsored by the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust, from Lot to Spot, the LA County Department of Parks and Recreation and Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.

Increasingly, residents, public agencies and private groups are partnering to brainstorm ideas and increase the number of green areas in Los Angeles County. Currently there are thousands of publicly owned empty parcels of land in Los Angeles County. These vacant lots are not only an eyesore but also contribute to a sense of decay in a neighborhood, which then leads to crime and other problems. In addition, there is a need to create safe, clean outdoor exercise areas where residents can stroll or walk.

Lennox residents can help enhance their community participating in the forum and thinking creatively about how they want their neighborhoods to look and feel.