Lennox Park Community Mural Completed!

Supervisor Ridley-Thomas has worked with the youth of the Lennox Community over the summer to create “Love Is In The Air” a large mural at the entrance to the Lennox Park on the corner of Lennox Blvd and Condon Ave. This project was fully envisioned and created by the Lennox community in coordination with muralist Roger Dolin. At the Lennox Family Festival in May, the community worked with Roger to design the mural and over the subsequent three months, learned how to paint and quickly saw their vision become a work of art. This project was done in partnership with Create Now, the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the Department of Parks and Recreation. There will be an official unveiling of the mural at noon on August 26th. Please join us!

Lennox Park 7.29.10 029

Lennox Park 7.29.10 010

Lennox Park 7.29.10 027