Kitten Adoptions at County Shelters Through September

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) is proud to announce its participation in Found Animals Foundation’s, “Summer Buddies,” two is better than one, cat adoption promotion. Now through September 30, 2010, Found Animals ( will pay for the adoption of a second cat or kitten when two are adopted at County and City shelters throughout Los Angeles.

Since “kitten season” is currently at its peak during these summer months, this promotion is designated to address the animal welfare and community crisis by promoting cat adoptions. The special, “two’s better than one” promotion delivers a great double adoption value to pet lovers, providing lifelong feline companions to people throughout Southern California, and will help save the lives of hundreds of animals in municipal shelters.

The “Summer Buddies” promotion follows the recent Found Animals June event, “Better with a Buddy,” where over 400 animals found new homes in one day. Since the event in June, over 212 pairs of cats/kittens (over 420 cats!) from surrounding Los Angeles animal care centers have been placed into new, loving homes.

For more information about the “Summer Buddies” promotion, contact Michael Gilman (Director of Communications, Found Animals) at (310) 574-5792 or stop by your local animal shelter.