Free Firefighter Preparatory Seminars

Anyone interested in starting a career in firefighting has the opportunity to prepare from January to May for the Firefighter Trainee examination this summer. The three training sessions which begin on January 11, and will be divided by regions, will prepare future firefighters to take the written exam, an oral interview, understand health and fitness requirements and become familiar with the Los Angeles County Fire Department’s hiring process and history.

The three seminars will be led by experts of LA County Fire Human Resources Division and firefighter training teams. According to the L.A. County Fire Department, from 2010 to 2012 there were an average of 2,100 structure fires in Los Angeles County, with the fire department receiving 229,000 medical emergency calls.

“We want to make sure every firefighter candidate is prepared for the upcoming exam process – not just the written but also in their agility and interview process,” said L.A. County Fire Battalion Chief Anderson Mackey of the Employee Service Section.

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