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Exposition Metro Line Construction Authority

Special Board of Directors Meeting


A critical vote establishing a Local Hiring Policy for the next phase of the Exposition Metro Light Rail Transit Line is imminent. Phase II of the line will extend from Culver City to Santa Monica, and will provide major construction period and permanent job opportunities for local residents.

The policy under consideration will ensure that at least 30% of total construction hours worked on Phase II under a Project Labor Agreement with building trade unions are performed by local residents who live in high unemployment ZIP codes (150% of the County average OR within five miles of the project alignment (LA to Santa Monica). At least one third of that amount will be set aside for economically disadvantaged individuals.

This will be the strongest local hiring policy in a Metro project’s recent history and will help to insure that Measture R (1/2 cent sales tax) funded projects will benefit Los Angeles County residents. It will set a standard for local hiring on future light rail, subway, and highway projects.