Charles Drew University Thriving


Once a year, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science president, Dr. David M. Carlisle, reports to alumni, donors, trustees and university supporters on the state of the university. Here are some excerpts from his speech:

Academic Accreditation

All of our academic programs are fully accredited. In 2011 the Western Association of Schools and Colleges granted us accreditation through 2018. This year WASC recognized us specifically for the substantial financial progress we made. The WASC believes in CDU! Friends, you are here today because when times were tough, you continued to believe in CDU. And because of your support the State of our University is as strong now as it has been at any time in recent memory.

Drew University and the Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (known proudly as Obamacare) is an endorsement of everything this University has believed in since our founding. The Affordable Care Act creates opportunities for this University. Opportunities in Primary Care training and workforce training. CDU is uniquely positioned to serve as a model academic health center, while continuing our legacy to prepare a workforce that represents the community and provides care with excellence and compassion. Our time is now! And we need to seize the opportunity presented by the Affordable Care Act. Indeed, our faculty researchers are already pioneering new approaches to care in the community.

Student Outreach to New Mothers

This year, we awarded Adrienne Martinez-Hollingsworth; and Meredith Mead, students in our Mervyn M. Dymally School of Nursing, a Mission Maker Mini Grant to continue their work at the Greater Los Angeles Lactation Outreach Project.  This student-driven initiative that engages 300 pre-and post-partum, Spanish speaking women in Los Angeles by providing dietary education and support prior to delivery and nutritional and health monitoring for the first 6 months of their babies’ lives. Through this project, our alumni and students are not only making a lasting impact on our community, but they are assuming the critical Nurse Educator role that we all know is such an important piece of our public education mission.

New Farmers’ Market

Thanks to another student-driven initiative, a new Farmers’ Market opened earlier this year in South Los Angeles.  The project involves our Masters in Public Health program and is in collaboration with the Crenshaw Christian Center and Heritage Education Group. The market is held at the Crenshaw Christian Center every Friday and the second Sunday of each month

Increased Availability of Scholarships

Our recruitment efforts have resulted in increases in applications, in students accepted, and in Intents to Enroll.  More importantly, enrollments rose 5% for the incoming class in 2013. We have increased the availability of scholarships so that students who wish to pursue a higher education at CDU have the opportunity to do so.  I am especially proud to report that with contributions from Kaiser Permanente and UniHealth Foundation the University was able to award $360,500 in scholarships to 60 students for the 2012-2013 school year. This amount represents an increase of more than $300,000 over the previous year!  I am even prouder to announce that going forward we have more than $2 million in endowed scholarships that were gifted by contributions from Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Emma Adams, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and federal Title III funds.