Fight For Local Jobs In The Second District On Monday!


Exposition Metro Line Construction Authority

Special Board of Directors Meeting


A critical vote establishing a Local Hiring Policy for the next phase of the Exposition Metro Light Rail Transit Line is imminent. Phase II of the line will extend from Culver City to Santa Monica, and will provide major construction period and permanent job opportunities for local residents.

The policy under consideration will ensure that at least 30% of total construction hours worked on Phase II under a Project Labor Agreement with building trade unions are performed by local residents who live in high unemployment ZIP codes (150% of the County average OR within five miles of the project alignment (LA to Santa Monica). At least one third of that amount will be set aside for economically disadvantaged individuals.

This will be the strongest local hiring policy in a Metro project’s recent history and will help to insure that Measture R (1/2 cent sales tax) funded projects will benefit Los Angeles County residents. It will set a standard for local hiring on future light rail, subway, and highway projects.

Community Job Fair and Health Fair Saturday

Ebenezer Job Fair

Vendors will be interviewing and offering jobs, job training and trade school information! Bring your resume and dress for success!

FREE vaccinations for adults and children! Health screenings, HIV testing, mental health resources, African American Alzheimer’s Association, Center for Lupus Care, Public Health Information and other health services will be provided.

SAVE THE DATE: Fight For Local Jobs On October 5, 2010

Fight for Jobs


New Meeting Date: October 5, 2010

The Board of Supervisors will vote on a proposal to establish a Local Worker Hiring Policy for the $145 million Martin Luther King, Jr. Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center. With over $400 million of construction activity on the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital and surrounding buildings, this is our first opportunity to promote local hiring.

The proposed policy will ensure that at least 30% of total construction hours worked under a Project Labor Agreement with the building trade unions are performed by local residents who live in high unemployment ZIP codes (150% of the County average), and that a substantial portion of these are set aside for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Come and let your voice be heard in support of local hiring.

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VIDEO: Supervisor Ridley-Thomas Celebrates Milestone With Erection Of Concrete Walls For The $20 Million South Health Center Project

Project will provide quality healthcare and economic benefits to the region

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas was on hand for the erection of exterior concrete panel walls for the new South Health Center, a milestone in the construction of the $20 million project that will provide a number of vital public health services in the Second District.

The South Health Center is the first of several projects scheduled for construction in the region surrounding the New Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Center. Scheduled for completion in December 2012, the MLK Medical Center and the other capital investment projects will serve as an asset in the community, providing a much needed economic boost in the area.

In June, Supervisor Ridley-Thomas joined community leaders and stakeholders to break ground on the South Health Center, which the Supervisor said is on schedule with no major issues or concerns.

Located at the northwest corner of 120th Street and Wilmington Avenue in the unincorporated Watts-Willowbrook area, the new outpatient public health center will provide immunizations and services to treat various conditions, including sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, and communicable diseases.

The South Health Center, one of several new capital investments for the region, will create over 10,000 new jobs in the community, along with the much anticipated new MLK Medical Center, Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Rosa Parks Station.

“We are standing at the epicenter of a great opportunity to address the healthcare crisis, not just South Los Angeles, but the entire nation,” Supervisor Ridley-Thomas said.

The Supervisor remains committed to hiring local residents for these projects, issuing a challenge for everyone to join him in his efforts to open doors to provide critically important employment to citizens who live nearby.

“We are very excited to see the South Health Center project moving forward,” the Supervisor said. “I look forward to the grand opening of this center in the very near future.”

Metro iPhone App Released

Metro iPhone App

Go Metro to work, shopping, schools or entertainment all over Los Angeles County with our official iPhone app. Whether you’re a first time rider and would like to find out how to get started or if you travel frequently and need to plan your trip out on the town, use this app to find all of the convenient ways to get there when you Go Metro. As this is Build 1.0 of our iPhone app, we’d love to get your feedback to make the product better.