Turning Bookmarks into Works of Art

Bookmark Contest

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To some, a bookmark is merely utilitarian – a strip of cardboard to keep you on the right page. Not so for Maeva Dubuche, Karma Griggs, Sierra Irby and Cheyenne Daniels.

With a handful of crayons and markers, plus a dash of creativity, the young students each turned a bookmark into a work of art.

Their whimsical creations made them winners of the Los Angeles County Public Library’s 35th Annual Bookmark Contest in the Second District, with the theme Dream in Color!.

During the awards ceremony at the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas thanks the students for their hard work and emphasized the importance of reading and education.

“Reading is a way to visit new places and learn new ideas,” he said. “I am very proud of these students for their effort to achieve excellence and their love of reading.”

Maeva Dubuche, a second grader whose favorite subject is math, created her bookmark at the Culver City Julian Dixon Library. She dreams of becoming a teacher and, when not in school, she can be found riding her bike or in karate class.

Fourth-grader Karma Griggs created her bookmark at the View Park Library, plays the piano, likes to dance, and she dreams of becoming a doctor. Seventh-grader Sierra Erbee made her bookmark at the Wiseburn Library in Hawthorne. With social studies as her favorite subject, and a participant in her school’s Honor Society and the Girl Scouts, she aspires to become a journalist.

Cheyenne Daniels created her bookmark at the Lynwood Library. The eighth-grader’s favorite subjects are math and science, but she also enjoys drawing and pole vaulting.