Board Regulates Yard Sales Countywide


Hoping to reduce blight and ensure equal footing for brick and mortar businesses, the Board of Supervisors has agreed to regulate yard sales countywide allowing property owners the flexibility to have them often but with a permit.

The new regulation, which will go into effect this fall, will allow for more yard sales annually, but also create more efficient enforcement protocols, if necessary. The proposed ordinance allows property owners to have unlimited yard sales on one designated weekend a month, and two other yard sales a year with a no-cost permit. The County’s current yard sale policy restricts residents to two yard sales in any 12-month period but has not been enforced. Residents may begin applying through Los Angeles County’s regional planning website when the program launches.

Residents will receive two warnings and the opportunity to retroactively register their yard sale on a non-designated date. Upon their third violation, residents would have to pay a $712 non-compliance fee.

“In too many of our unincorporated areas, frequent yard sales effectively function as small businesses, creating a disadvantage for regulated, law abiding businesses,” said Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, who authored the motion. “Many property owners have complained that these neighborhood yard sales create blight. This initiative is a fair compromise that will allow yard sales to continue in a regulated way.”