Summer Art Internships Are Now Open

With summer right around the corner and the spring semester coming to a close, college students around the nation are solidifying their summer plans.

From now until May 17 undergraduate college students that either reside in Los Angeles County or attend school in the county, have the opportunity to apply for a 10-week paid summer internship to over 70-non-profit art organizations, courtesy of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. Funded by Los Angeles County, the Arts Internship Program provides internships to nonprofit performing arts and literary organizations throughout the county, enabling students to develop a deeper understanding of the work involved in nonprofit arts organizations and an understanding of the role arts play in communities. Anji Gaspar-Milanovic, who oversees the arts internship program for the L.A. Arts Commission, said there are always more applicants than positions.

“Last year we had over 3,500 students apply for 74-slots so we recommend applying early and applying to several organizations,” said Gaspar-Milanovic.

Twenty-three year old Manuel Prieto, was one of the few college students who received an art internship last year. He interned at the L.A. Music and Art School in Boyle Heights and after completing his internship, he was hired part-time as the school’s online marketing and social media manager.

“If you are considering applying for the Arts Internship program–do it! It’s a great first step that allows you to engage in LA’s arts community,” said Prieto. “Take the time to research the organizations you are applying for and actively connect with what they have to offer.”

To learn more and apply to the art internship program, please visit: or contact Anji Gaspar-Milanovic at: (213)202-3981.