Affordable Care Act 101

The Affordable Care Act will go into effect January 1, 2014 and millions of Americans, ranging from health care providers to patients to employers, will be affected.

Below is a presentation by a panel of experts to explain the implications of the Affordable Care Act and the delivery of care.

The event was moderated by Lucien Wulsin, Executive Director and Founder of Insure the Uninsured Project. Presenters included David Panush, Director of External Affairs of Covered California; Katie Murphy, Managing Attorney for Neighborhood Legal Services; Tangerine Brigham, Deputy Director of Managed Care for Los Angeles County Department of Health Services; and Roxana Molina, Division Chief of Medi-Cal and In Home Supportive Services Program from Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services.

All of the materials from the forum are listed below:

The following websites offer more information on the Affordable Care Act and its implementation.

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