Hydraulic fracking study for the Inglewood Oil Field underway

In response to community concerns about the potential use of hydraulic fracking in the Inglewood Oil Field, Plains Exploration and Production Co. (PXP) has commissioned an independent study of the feasibility of hydraulic fracking in the oil field.

Hydraulic Fracking, the use of high pressure water injection to extract oil, historically has not been a process used to drill at the Inglewood Oil Field. Nonetheless, after residents and community groups sued PXP and the County of Los Angeles over health, noise, and air quality concerns generated by drilling, the oil company agreed to conduct the study as part of a settlement reached last July.  The Department of Regional Planning will also conduct an independent review of the study.

In March, representatives from PXP, the Department of Regional Planning, and California’s Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources, provided an overview to community stakeholders on how the study will be completed and responded to questions.

The study is expected to be completed this summer.

To receive updates on future meetings related to hydraulic fracking, please contact Karly Katona at kkatona@bos.lacounty.gov.