Clipper Star Blake Griffin joins Supervisor Ridley-Thomas on a visit to Harbor UCLA Medical Center

Clippers star Blake Griffin is becoming a familiar sight at Harbor UCLA Hospital. On Tuesday September 25, the power forward spent part of his afternoon in the pediatric ward where he shook hands, signed autographs, handed out toys and playfully towered over the hospital’s youngest patients. As he did on a previous visit, Griffin made the rounds of the pediatric ward, the outpatient Child Life Center and the Child Life Center playground at the pediatric intensive care unit and emergency room, bringing delighted smiles to many young faces.

Not every child knew who the 6’10” Griffin was. Some were oblivious to his season of spectacular dunks and unaware that they were shaking hands with the man ranked by Sports Illustrated Magazine as one of the greatest Rookies of all time. It didn’t matter. They were happy to have a visitor who delivered toys, along with a big smile and a lot of encouragement for a speedy recovery. Supervisor Ridley-Thomas, who accompanied the ballplayer, noted his humility and gentle manner with the children. “Blake Griffin gave the children at Harbor-UCLA the best presents of all — his time and attention.” the Supervisor said. “He sets a wonderful example for all of us, showing how much we can touch other people’s lives simply by taking the time to show we care.”

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